My Funnel Empire Review And Bonus

I hope you enjoy this My Funnel Empire Review. I will be explaining the whole system in detail and I’ll also have a nice bonus for anyone who joins through my link.


My funnel empire is a system designed by Bryon Winters. It is designed to automatically build you a list which you can then promote different offers to in order to make some money.

It will be launching on May 23rd but you can join now and get the benefits of being a founding member. I’ll explain what the benefit of this is further down in this post.

You will get a sales funnel that you can set up and start promoting in under 2 minutes. Sales funnel are proven to work and are the best way to increase profits with whatever you are promoting.

You will also get courses on generating traffic to your funnel. Bryon will also share with you his secret traffic hack that will have super affiliates send you their traffic!!

So basically what happens is that you drive traffic to your funnel. When someone joins your funnel they then become part of your funnel. Meaning that any traffic they get will also be directed to you. This can grow your last quickly and is a great way to get targeted traffic to your offer.


my funnel empire review
my funnel empire review



When you join before the May 23rd launch you get the founding membership classification. This is a great thing to have as you will then be considered the owner of this system.

What this means is that everyone that follows you in through your link and all the people who follow through theirs and so on become your email subscribers.

As an example if you bring in just 5 people and they bring in 10 each you now have 50 new subscribers to your email list. The possibilities are endless.

But it gets better, as a founding member you’ll get 5 high converting offers that you can promote to your subscribers list. Then your subscribers have the choice of joining up with you. The cool thing is that they also will get offers but if they don’t join up under you, their offers will be hard coded with your affiliate links. What this means is that their subscribers will get their offers but your link will be in there, not theirs.

So if any of their subscribers decide to join an offer their payment goes directly to you!!

So let’s do some quick math. Let’s say you bring in 500 free users and of these 500 only 50 offers are activated. First that’s already 50 commissions for you and at 5 products per funnel times 500 funnels that’s 2500 total offers, minus the 50 that were activated.

So this leaves a total of 2450 offers still hard coded to your account throughout your 500 user member base. Which means 2450 offers that you can still earn commissions on.



This system is very well thought out and looks very easy to use. Anyone can have success with this. And since this is still in pre-launch at the time of this writing now is the time to jump in before the mad rush at the end.

This is also a Clickbank product so you have their complete 30 day Money Back Guarantee. So you have no risk at all.

You can join now for free by CLICKING HERE

Also as a bonus for joining through my link I’ll give you free access to my lease site training. This training will show you how to create, rank, and lease websites to local business’s for hundreds of dollars per month.

Once you join send me an email at and I’ll send you the link you need to join up with.

I hope you enjoyed My Funnel Empire review.


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