How To Add Pages On A Website

add pageHow to add pages on a website is a very easy task and actually a very important task to do correctly.

You must understand that websites are built for people to come to who are interested in what it is your promoting on your site. Websites are not built to please google or the other search engines. Knowing this will make creating your pages a lot easier.




This seems like a very simple question but the reality is that a lot of people get their pages and posts confused. There is a difference between to the two.

You can think of pages as a category. As you can see on the top of my site I have different pages. Let’s take the legitimate online jobs as a example. Legitimate online jobs is my page and all the headlines below are my posts. All my posts relate to my page.



Below is a video from my favorite training site, Wealthy Affiliate, that will show you how to add pages to your website.

Add A Page To Your Website


So as you can see, it is pretty simple to add pages to your website. If you like the training on this topic you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and sample all of their other training. They have hundreds of lessons along with “how to” videos. They are the bset training program if your looking to build your own legitimate online business opportunity.

You can read my review of their program by clicking HERE


If you have any questions on this subject or any other question on building a website please feel free to leave a comment below. I’m here to give a helping hand to anyone that needs it 🙂



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  1. Hi Randy,

    Thanks, since I’ve joined wealthy affiliate I’m finally starting to learn about websites and marketing. Glad you liked it.

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