Four Corners Alliance Review

4cName: 4 Corners Alliance Group
Price: $18
Owners: David Harrison and Jim Yarbrough
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


4 Corners Alliance Group


The 4 corners business is based on the selling of e-books that are all based around improving your finances.

The comp plan is a 4×7 forced matrix structure. Where once you have 4 people on your first level your next sale will fall below your first level.


The Good and The Bad

The good

  1. Low Cost Entry Fee ($18)
  2. One Time Out Of Pocket
  3. Huge Potential Payout (over $500,000)
  4. The E-Books Are Very Good

The bad:

  1. Long Term Investment
  2. Will Work Better If Your Part Of A Team
  3. Their Training Is Mediocre At Best


Who is 4 Corners For?


The 4 Corners business is for anyone who is looking for a low cost business but is willing to wait a while to start seeing a big return. This is not a quick money program

It is also for people who are looking for ways to learn how to manage their finances better.

If a person can get hooked up with a group or team of people already involved with this business it would speed up the process of earning.


4 Corners Tools & Training


All they offer as far as tools are a couple video’s that explain the company comp plan ,different banners you can place on your site and 3 e-books about marketing.



The e-books aren’t bad. They are great if your looking to get a basic understanding on running a business but I’m assuming you want more then basic knowledge.
4 Corners Support

They have a support tab on the bottom right side of your back office.  You will need to submit a ticket in order to get a answer to your question.

I sent one in just to test it and was pleased to see I got a response within 24 hrs.


4 Corners  Price And Products


You start at level 1 which costs $18. For this you receive their first financial e-book called Financial Literacy 1. Here’s what this e-book covers:

  1. Home Based Business – Ten Tips for Success
  2. Tips and strategies on how to manage your personal finances
  3. Debt restructuring – Helping you gain control
  4. The importance of planning your retirement and the consequences of not!

You earn $4 per person on your first level so once you have 4 that will give you $16. You then use your earnings to upgrade to the next level so your never paying out of pocket again.

Level 2 costs $10. So you will pay that out of your earnings. You get another e-book for this level. It is called Financial Literacy 2. Here’s what it covers:

  1. Think And Grow Rich
  2. Becoming The Richest Man
  3. Secrets Of The Subconscious Millionaire Mind
  4. Lessons From The Intelligent Investor
  5. Get Out Of Debt Free!

Level 3 Cost’s $25. Again you pay out of earnings. The e-book is called Financial Literacy 3 and here’s whats inside:

  1. Dealing With Credit Card Debt
  2. Living Trusts
  3. How To Eliminate The Hassles Of Probate
  4. How To Eliminate The Hassles Of Lawyers
  5. How To Eliminate The Hassles Of Delays
  6. How To Eliminate The Hassles Of The Legal System

You also receive a bonus book called Dream Vacations You Can Afford

Level 4 costs $60. Again you pay out of earnings. This e-book is called Financial Literacy 4 and here’s what you get:

  1. The Law of Attraction: Getting Everything You Want Out of Life Through the Power of Your Own Mind
  2. Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
  3. Understanding the basic concepts of debt

Level 5 costs $150. The e-book is called Financial Literacy 5 and here’s what’s inside:

  1. Flipping a House€œ-Is it Right for You?
  2. Becoming The Richest Man in Post Modern Babylon
  3. Investing For Impact

Level 6 costs $300. The e-book is called Financial Literacy 6 and here’s what’s inside:

  1. Investment Principles
  2. Time Value Of Money
  3. Real Estate Investment Trust
  4. Insider’s Guide To Buying Gold & Silver


My Final Opinion Of 4 Corners


I feel that the value you get with the financial advice in the e-books is well worth the $18 one time out of pocket. I also like the fact that you advance through earnings.

I feel that if you can join a team you will benefit from the whole group helping you make sales.

If you want to join my team your more then welcome to by clicking the link below:


You might notice that the link might take you to someone else on my team. That’s how our group helps each other. We all work as a team to get to our goal of over $500,000


4 Corners at a Glance…

Name: 4 Corners Alliance

Owners: David Harrison and Jim Yarbrough
Price: $18 (one time)
Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100




To get the proper training check out my review of the best training site online by CLICKING HERE


If you have any questions about 4 Corners, I would love to help!  Just leave them below or email me at


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