Creating A Video For My Website

A lot of people type this phrase into google “creating a video for my website”. The reason for this is obvious. people want to know how to create video’s. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do this and also believe that you have to be a techie type of person to do this.

Well that is not true. Anyone can create a video and it’s not nearly as tough as you might think. I will explain to you why video is important and the different ways you can create your own unique video’s in this post.



There are now well over 80 million people that will watch some sort of video online just today alone. With this type of volume you can understand why incorporating video’s into your website and using them to market your business are extremely important.

Video is known to convert sales of your products by 6%-30%, depending on the market. Sometimes even more. So, video has become a major marketing tool for every type of business you can think of. This includes digital as well as physical products. Just type any product name into google and I’m confident there will be a video for it.

Video gives the viewer a better understanding of what they are interested in purchasing. For example, let’s say someone wanted more information on a new type of video game. Yes they could find out a lot from reading some text on it and get a good understanding but seeing a live demo gives them a more realistic of view of what the games about and what to expect.

To me it’s unfortunate that most of the public does not want to read about anything as much as they should but it is reality that most would rather watch a video that explains what they’re looking to learn.



One of the biggest misconceptions with creating a video is that you need some tech skills or have to buy some software that will cost you hundreds of dollars. I’m here to tell you that those 2 “facts” aren’t true. You don’t need a ton of skills and you don’t need to dig deep into your wallet.

Now you will need some sort of software but I have some insight on one in particular that anyone can use and create some very nice video’s with.

Check out the video below. I made this in a matter of 10 minutes and trust me I have no tech skills at all.




That was a promotional video I made for my most highly recommended video creation software. You can read my overall review and pick up some extra bonus’s by CLICKING HERE

So as you can see anyone can create a nice looking video without any type of techie know how.