Click Profit Method Review And Bonus

Click Profit Method Review
Click Profit Method Review


Hey everyone, if your looking for a click profit method review you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be giving you a total look into this product and my final thoughts on it.. I am also giving away some great bonus’s to those of you who purchase through my link so make sure you read through everything to make sure you get the bonus’s. 🙂


Click Profit Method is a program that show’s you how to make money using solo ads. Now this does not mean you own a solo ad company but instead show’s you how to use someone Else’s solo ads so you can profit from it.

It is broken down into 4 modules and also comes in an ebook edition. The modules run anywhere from 16 minutes to 39 minutes.

I’ll review each module for you so you can get a better understanding what your getting, then I’ll proovide a video showing you the back office.


In this module you’ll be given a introduction of what the course is about. It will show you some proof of sales and explain the upcoming steps you’ll be taking.

You won’t be putting anything you learn in this module into action but it is important to watch the video so you can get a understanding of what to expect.



This module starts to show you what to look for in a client. That’s right, your going to have your own clients and it’s important to know exactly what to look for and possibly how you can help them with their landing page.

It’ll walk you through the questions most clients will ask you when wanting to order a solo ad from you. It shows you how to answer these questions so you look like a solo ad owner.

This module also shows you how your provider and client will track the clicks that your client orders. As an example let’s say you have a client that wants to order 100 clicks. You hook up with a provider that has a 100,000 member list. Well what they do is use software that tracks the clicks for them.

Now you won’t need to do this but it is nice to see how the whole process works, especially if you ever plan on owning your own solo ad business.



This is the main module as you will follow a step by step blueprint on how to get this business up and running and start earning some cash.

It’ll start you out by having you create a Paypal Business account and a Facebook account. You’ll be using facebook to join solo ad groups and to advertise your business.

You need a Paypal business account due to the fact that you’ll be making enough money so they don’t put restrictions on your account. If you don’t have one and start earning a lot of money they put a freeze on your account until you provide certain information.

Ok, so here’s how it works. You’ll contact solo ad owners and ask if they want to partner up. Now don’t worry what to say as you’ll be shown how to ask. Basically if they are selling clicks at .30/click you’ll charge your client say .34/click.

Now I know .04 doesn’t seem like much but lets say you get a client that wants 500 clicks. That’s $20 profit for about 10 minutes worth of work. Not bad at all. SAnd you can work with multiple ad owners so this can really start adding up. And .04 is on the low end.

Next you’ll sign up for hundreds of Facebook solo ad groups and start advertising. Once you get a client you’ll just follow the simple steps laid out for you in Click Profit method and just like that your in profit.

Now I’m just giving you a quick overview here. The course freaaly goes into detail to make sure anyone can do this and make money.



This will be the last module of my click profit method review. In this module you’ll learn how to invest in your solo ad business in order to increase profits.

You’ll be shown 3 different solo ad marketplaces that you can join to advertise your business. Click Profit Method explains each one. The pro’s and the con’s so you can make a educated decision based on your needs and how much you can afford to spend.

Now this is optional, as you can make money from this program with no investment, this just shows you a way to speed up the process.






BONUS #1 ( $500 VALUE)


Join my free lease site training course and learn how you can create a website in your own market, rank it on google and lease it out to a local business for recurring monthly income. This type of training is being sold from anywhere between $500-$1000.



BONUS # 2 ($150 VALUE)


This ebook will give you 100 forum marketing tips. There are tips underneath for questions you can ask in forums and all the kinds of information you can gain from them.

And you can increase your traffic and sales by including your signature file and web site links below your forum posts. 

A single forum question post can increase your income, subscribers, customers, visitors, affiliates, backlinks, etc.

To collect your bonus’s join the click profit method below. Once you purchase send me an email at with a copy of your sales receipt and I’ll send you the links to grab your bonus’s.

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