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Every legitimate online business opportunity will give you your own affiliate website that you will promote their product or service with. This is fine except for one thing, you’re not the only one with that website.

Every other person who has joined that particular company is also promoting that same site. What I have found out in my years of working online is that if you build your own site for that same business you will stick out from the crowd and you will be able to move yourself up higher in the search engines, which is critical for getting traffic to your site.

Now if your like most people out there that have never tried building a website I know that it sounds very intimidating. The reality is that with the right training and program it can be very easy and very enjoyable. In fact you can build one in under 30 seconds.

My #1 rated training course can teach you how to build any website that your interested in building. Whether it’s a niche website, your own business or if your just looking to brand yourself this training course is by far the best you will find for the money. How does free sound?


If you have any questions about building a website, I would love to help!  Just leave them below or email me at :)



2 thoughts on “Building Websites

  1. Hi Ron,
    Thanks for the great work you are doing.
    Please kindly provide me with the steps I need to follow to use word press to build a dynamic website that will be able to take order and deposit cash into my bank account as well as accept membership form for monthly subscription.

    Josiah Kalu

  2. Hi Josiah,

    The first step you should take is to follow the getting started steps at the top of this site. This should get you going in the right direstion.

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