Best Seo Software Reviews – Webfire 3.0

Looking for the best seo software reviews? If you are I am here to talk about what I consider the best all around seo tool that anyone should have if you’re looking to boost traffic and sales on your website. The software is called webfire 3.0 and I’ll explain everything you get and the use’s you’ll have as well as a video that will take you inside the software so you can see first hand the amazing things you can do with it.


Best Seo Software Reviews
Best Seo Software Reviews



So let’s begin with what is seo and what is seo optimization. Seo stand for Search Engine Optimization. Basically what this means is getting your website compliant with what the Search Engines want.

Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo look for specific things as far as how they will Rank your site. This includes backlinks, video’s, images, content and more.

So when you create a Website you want to make sure you are adding each component into your posts.

The problem that 95% of website owners have with Seo is optimizing their sites. They have no idea of how to do this, what steps to take or even where to begin.

So what happens is that they either get no exposure online or they pay thousands to either a Seo company or spend the money on paid ads.

Well this is where best seo software reviews Webfire 3.0 comes into play.



Best Seo Software Reviews
Best Seo Software Reviews


Webfire 3.0 is Seo software that helps website owners optimize their websites to create better rankings with the Search Engines which in turn creates more traffic to their sites.

It is not just a Seo tool though. It has ton’s of different tools that help with not just Seo but marketing also. It is beneficial not only to website owners but to people who are promoting affiliate products, doing local Seo and much more.

All the tools come with video tutorials which explain how to use each tool and how the tool helps you promote your site.




  1. Site Analysis Tool- This tool allows you to analyze your site and your competitors to help you out rank your competitors.
  2. Buyer Keyword Generator- This tools lets you enter a keyword and the software finds the best buyer keywords in your niche.
  3. Expired Domain Finder- This tool allows you to find high ranking expired domains related to a keyword of your choice.
  4. Keyword Domain Finder- This tool allows you to find available domains related to a keyword of your choice.
  5. Keyword Tool- This tool allows you to enter a keyword and then it finds the most searched terms in google related to your keyword and shows you the one’s you have a chance of ranking for.
  6. Local Keywords: This tool is great if you are doing local Seo. Or if you are selling any affiliate offer locally.
  7. Rank Tracker- This tool will track any url you enter into it and show you where you rank.
  8. Seo Configuration- This tool helps you configure your site for better Seo results.
  9. Schema Markup- This tool creates a Schema markup to create better Search Engine Rankings.
  10. Sitemap: This tool will create a sitemap for your site. Sitemaps are used by the search engines to get a list of all the pages on your site, including the last time they were updated.
  11. Submit Your Site- This tool allows you to submit posts from your site so they get pinged which in turn gets your site indexed faster.
  12. Content Submitter: This tool allows you to submit content from your site to your tumbler or blogger accounts to set up some tier 2 links.
  13. Video Firestorm- This tool allows you to create your own videos and uploads them to popular video sites.
  14. Marketing Articles- You get dozens of different marketing articles you can use as content for your site.
  15. Article Spinner- This tool allows you to spin any article so you can create dozens of different variations of the same article so you always have fresh content.
  16. Article Vault- Hundreds of articles in dozens of different niches for you to use as content.
  17. Government Lead Grabber- This tool allows you to find official, federal or state sites where you can syndicate your content.
  18. Guest Blogger Fire: This tool allows you to find sites where you can syndicate your content within your market. Use Existing Guest Blogs to find common sites that allow content syndication.
  19. Answer Finder- This tool will find questions people are asking online in your niche so you can comment on them and provide your service to them as well as creating valuable backlinks to your site.
  20. Ranked Lead Finder- Simply type in a keyword and the software find 50 similar high ranking keywords. Then it’ll check first page results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for forums and blogs on which you can leave reviews, backlinks, and information relevant to your niche.
  21. Real Time Lead Finder– This tool allows you to locate forums or blogs on which you can leave reviews, backlinks, etc.
  22. Competitors Backlinks- Enter one keyword, and your site URL, then the software will compare the top competitor backlinks with your own.

  23. Keyword Density Analyzer– This tool allows you to check for keyword density on your site. This is an important factor in ranking for keywords.
  24. Poster Fire- This tool allows you to post to multiple social sites at once. Great for social marketing.
  25. Tweet Lead Finder- This tool allows you to find People who are tweeting words about your niche so you can connect with them and offer them a solution to their problems.
  26. Training- Ton’s of training showing you how you can use any of these tools for your own use or how to use them for others and charge a fee. Weekly live training also.

Wow, how’s that for a ton of valuable tools. Check out my video below as I’ll give you a over the shoulder view of the members area so you can first hand what the members area is all about.


Take A Peek Inside The Members Area


Final Thoughts On Best Seo Software Reviews- Webfire 3.0

I think by now you have a pretty good idea of all the different ways you can use webfire 3.0 to boost whatever business you may be in.

The only con is that the price ( $997) is a lot of money for about 90% of the people looking to make money online.

But, if you’re honestly looking to build a real income and business (either online or offline) then this software is a must have.

It has changed everything I have been doing online and has finally gotten me to where I want to be as far as a online entrepreneur.



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