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picanom-picture-01_2011-03-30-150x150Hi, my name is Ron and I have been working online part time since 2010. In this time I have come full circle with the whole “make money online” programs.

When I first started I didn’t realize how many unethical people were involved in this business and how quick your money can disappear while trying to learn which sysytems are legit and which one’s are total scams.

What I am doing now is running a website that will show people which programs are worth joining and which programs to stay away from. My goal is to give my personal insights in every program I have joined and to give people what they need to earn online, which is honest reviews from someone who has been in them.

I hope you enjoy this site and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are brand new to working online or have been trying for a while to earn a income online, I am here to help you have success.

Contact me at: ron@legitbizopp.com  or you can go straight to my WA profile page by CLICKING HERE

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Getting a website up and running is not the easiest thing for some people to do. Getting started with the prefect platform make thing much less stressing. People looking to get started, whether new or experience should try the WA platform, The #1 platform to GETTING STARTED!!!

  2. I agree Ken, I’m very grateful that I found Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a program that I can feel good about sharing with others.

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