MY 1 Dollar Business Review

Today I want to do a quick review of the My 1 Dollar Business opportunity.

As of this writing (10-28-16) the company is still in pre launch ( meaning they have not officially started their business) but I wanted to share what I know so far from what they have on their website.

It looks like they are going to be a coupon/savings membership site as well as offering a way for their members to make a few extra dollars.

Here’s what they say you’ll get once they join and you become a member (worse case scenario):


Join for $1 and pay $1 per month.
You receive $700 in Grocery and Non Food Coupons
You receive Apps that help you save money and make money
You receive powerful personal development modules
You receive a Full Business and Automated System
You may save money on taxes because of your business.

Worst Case, you’ll pay $1 a month and you can save hundreds.
Can you live with that?
Are you willing to risk $1.00?

Now here’s what they say is the best case scenario:


Refer 2 people for $1.00
You earn 25 cents per referral which can multiply
See your commissions in real time.
Automatically move through the 4 phases.
Receive amazing benefits.
Pay your Phone Bill
Pay your Utilities
Pay your Car Payment
Pay your Mortgage
Earn up to $10,000 / month
Get a Free 5 Star Luxury Vacation
Receive profit sharing with the company

I can’t give an all out review at this point but I will say that if the savings they give away are real legit savings then this would be a great opportunity.

If you want you can pre-enroll here and check out their site for more information:

Once they launch I’ll do an update to this post and let you know what I find.

For now go ahead and click the link above.

You’ll need my information if you want to be on my team with this opportunity so you can leave a comment below letting me know you want to join this with me and I’ll give you my information.

UPDATE 11-10-16: Just received my welcome email from the owners of My 1 Dollar Business. Basically all they wanted was personal info. I still have no idea where this is going. I’m a little skeptical as I still don’t have my own link to promote. They are still giving out the generic link for some odd reason.

Once I know more I’ll update..Thanks for your patience 🙂

UPDATE 11-22-16: Ok, they have given me a link to promote,  CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM

Once you click the link you’ll be sent to a page that looks like this:


my 1 dollar busines






Just click the hyper link that says to click here for the pre-enrollee site

Then you’ll be taken to this page:

my 1 dollar business






Enter: sprink2814

in the white box where it says enter refferral id.

That’s it for now.

Go ahead and join for free and once I know more I’ll update this page.

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